Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Hello and Goodbye

It's been over a year since I last posted on here. Unfortunately, life was not very kind to me this past year. There was family illness and a death, work related stress and depression and final deadlines on my Masters. I've been to therapy and I'm on anti-depressants at the moment. I think that says it all really.

This will likely be my last post as a sixth form librarian. I am planning on leaving my job soon so I probably won't post here anymore. For those of you who are interested in my next step in life I will post the link to my new blog in a few weeks.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed me on here. It's been a fun and I've learnt a lot about blogging.

Wherever life takes you all, good luck and thanks for all the fish!

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New blog

Wednesday, 18 April 2012! - My first attempt

One of my colleagues has been raving about! and using it to share information with her teachers. So I thought that I would do the same. I must admit that I've had a lot of fun creating my page. I'm hoping that my teachers will find it useful.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Twitter - How much is too much?

I have been a member of the Twitter world since the 23rd of April 2010. I was introduced to Twitter by Phil Bradley on a course about Web 2.0. At first it took me a while to get to grips with it and I just dipped in and out occassionally. Eventually I found time one afternoon and I started to play around with it. I found a few people to 'follow', who then kindly 'followed' me. All very nice and civilised. I chose to take Phil's advice about only following people who were going to give me the best information. It took a while to identify who they were, but it was a fun process and eventually I was following about 30 people from various areas of my field. I'd found some interesting people and the information I was getting was fantastic. I was chasing up leads on news stories, discovering new resources and getting involved in the campaigns to Save Libraries.

But that's where it all started to go a bit wrong. I found myself checking twitter when I woke up in the morning. I'd get to work and check Twitter. I'd check it during my tea break, at lunch time, during my afternoon break, on the bus going home, after dinner, at the gym, while looking after my nephews, as I talked to my friends. I started to get anxious if I hadn't checked it. What was I missing? Perhaps someone had tweeted something important but it would get bogged down in my Timeline and disappear forever without me seeing it. It was ok with most people I followed who only tweeted a few times a day but some of the people I was following were tweeting information every half hour on the hour every day. And not rubbish either. I was beginning to lose my grip on reality. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore and I decided that I just had to abandon Twitter. This abrupt disconnection from the information world was very disconcerting but I had no choice. Twitter was turning me into a nervous wreck!

This all got me thinking (something I now had time for!) and I began to wonder, just how much is too much Twitter? As I mentioned before some of the people I follow tweet a CRAZY amount of stuff and from what I can tell it's all pretty good. What I couldn't figure out was where they found the time to get all this info and then tweet about it and how did they expect their followers to keep up with so many updates. Also, when tweeting, how much do they really think about the people who are following them?

At this point in time I've still not been able to fully allow Twitter back into my life. Maybe some day I will again find the time to look at it and reassess my information priorities.

Funny Stories from the Library 1

We have a lovely student who has taken out at least one book every day since the start of the school year in September. Sometimes she’ll take a book out during morning break (10.45am) and bring it back at lunch (1pm) having finished it. For Christmas her parents bought her a Kindle. When the staff in our library saw her carrying it we thought - well that’s it. She won’t be taking any books out now.

One day she came up to the desk to check out a book and I said to her, “I was worried when I saw you with your Kindle that you wouldn’t be taking out books anymore.” She replied, “Oh no. I love books! I’m not even very fond of my Kindle it’s just that it’s so much easier to read from when you’re knitting! I can’t hold a book and knit at the same time. The Kindle stays nice and flat on my lap.” I tried desperately not to giggle and agreed that yes a Kindle would be far easier to read from when trying to knit. Never have I come across such a sweet and strange 16 year old girl.

(Incidentally the item she was knitting turned out to be a waistcoat in various shades of green!)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Facing up to Facebook

Whilst searching for something else, the web threw this back at me. While it wasn't what I was initally looking for it was, surprisingly, something that I needed. I've been asking the senior staff at my college to look at our lack of policies regarding Facebook as I feel that it's a disaster waiting to happen. I forwarded this to them and hopefully it will give them some guidance when coming up with new policies. Anyway, just wanted to share as I'm sure we can all take something from this.

Facing up to Facebook Podcast

JISC Legal: Facing up to Facebook: A Guide for FE and HE

Monday, 31 October 2011

A Little Frivolity for a Monday Morning!

In case you've not seen it this is the promo for a show made in Australia called - The Librarians. It looks fabulous!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Adult Literacy - Where are the books?

I've really been struggling to find books for our adult learners who have a reading age of 5-8 years. They are only just beginning to read and there doesn't seem to be anything on the market that appeals to an adult reader in terms of content but is simple enough that they can actually read it. Am I missing something? Why has no one really produced any books of this nature? Surely there are people all around the world who need such books. Adults learning English for the first time, people who dropped out of school and never learnt, teens who were slow to get started. It seems obvious and yet here I am desperately searching and finding nothing. I did have some hope today when I met a rep from Ransom Books. She showed me some of the things that they were publishing and it's the first time I've even come close to finding anything that might suit. The best fit seems to be Dark Man which is aimed at teens/young adults.

Surely I can't be the only one experiencing this problem! What are other people using?